Practical Home Awesome Tips

Yes, you made it! You’ve now purchased a new house and you are moving into it soon (hopefully). But you want a practical home and there are many things you need to work on in order to make that house into the house you’ve always dreamed of. One thing is certain: you want it to be practical.User-friendly homes, make your whole family feel at peace and enhance your living experience. You also want to make your house a zen place, so dreading breakfast because you know you have a cluttered kitchen won’t cut it. Follow these 8 simple tips to make sure your house is practical and enjoyable for you and your entire family.

Have Plenty of Storage Space

Practical Home:Organized Closet

Practical Home:Organized Closet

Having shelves, closets, coat rooms or even labeled boxes will help you house feel more organized and will encourage everyone to put stuff out of the way. Messy homes usually create bad vibes and encourage slacking, not only at home but also at schools and at work. Eliminate the bad habits by providing lots of storage room and encouraging your household members to use the storage areas you provide.

Clear the Cluttered Areas

Same idea as the first tip, you want to make sure your house looks neat and organized so avoid all the clutter in your house. Works especially well for the kitchen. Cluttered kitchen counters and other areas are not appealing and will drive you and your family away from  your dreamed practical home instead of making it a an enjoyable place.

Keybowls & Key Hangers

Key Hanger

Key Hanger

Lost and misplaced keys are the most annoying thing that can happen to anyone. And they usually have the worse timing because they happen when you are late to work, to school or, god forbid, a social event. Make sure you lay out a key bowl or key hangers and encourage everyone to use them to eliminate the problem from the root.

Welcome Mats Makes a Practical Home

Welcome mats do more than welcome you every time you come home. They help reduce the amount of dirt that enter your house, therefore reducing the dreaded cleaning chore.

Consider Solar Panels

Practical Home: Solar Panels

Practical Home: Solar Panels

Although this may seem like a huge investment, solar panels are a great way to save energy and will pay for themselves in the long run. The more you install the more you will save, and you will make your family feel great because they are contributing to saving the planet. Not to mention it will increase the resale value of your house.

Use Vertical Space

Vertical space is traditionally used for decoration, however, you can now use simple, affordable accessories to save space. For instance, you can now purchase knife racks that you can attach to your kitchen wall and place the biggest knives and cooking utensils. This saves space and we must admit it also looks pretty classy.

Design a Work Space

Although it’s not ideal to take work home, always designate a specific space in your house for work so you can achieve a practical home and at the same time can teach discipline to your children. Your kids will appreciate it as they will have a quiet place equipped with the tools they need to carry out school projects and research papers.

Make the Entertainment Room… Entertaining!

Entertainment home room

Entertainment home room

If you have the chance to set up and entertainment room make sure it’s family friendly rather than simply a man cave. A nice television is always a great start but make sure you can fit your whole family in comfortable seats at the same time to enjoy a movie night, game night or even soap operas. If that’s what you’re into.

An entertaining and practical house will turn it into a home your whole family will enjoy. If you need professional services to help you find or build the perfect house for your family give us a call.